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19 Motivational Gifts for Women of All Ages

Hey Mama!

Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for all the amazing women in your life? Here is a list of 19 perfect gifts to inspire, motivate, and uplift every woman in your life! Just click on the picture and order until you have every woman in your world taken care of.


Golden Unicorn “You Are Magical” Ceramic  Mug




Inspiring Wood Block Art Desk Stand with 12 Gold Stamped Inspirational Cards



Gold Plated Bracelet, Engraved “You are more Powerful then you Know, you are Beautiful just as you are”



“Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire” Coloring Book for Grown ups




“Who Run the World? Girls!: An Encouraging and Motivational Girl Power Gift Book for Unstoppable And Inspiring Women Of All Ages



12 Piece Wonder Woman Refrigerator Magnet Gift Set



“I Am Greater Than” Key Chain with Inspirational Quote




Motherhood Realized: An Inspiring Anthology for the Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love

by Power of Moms



“Life is Beautiful” Engraved Spoon



“When It Rains, Look For Rainbows. When It’s Dark, Look For Stars” Linen Throw Pillow



“Good Vibes Only” Gold Plated Necklace



The Positivity Kit: Instant Happiness on Every Page (Journal)


52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy




“I Am Brave”, “I Am Powerful”, and “I Am Beautiful” Affirmation Socks




“One Small Positive Thought In The Morning Can Change Your Whole Day” Thought Box


Words Of Wisdom Keepsake Inspiration Quote Box


The Mermaid’s Message Frosted Sea Glass Stones: Peace, Strength, Wisdom, Believe, Hope, and Courage



Super Soft Ultra Plush Healing Words Throw Blanket




“You Are Stronger Than You Seem, Braver Than You Believe, And Smarter Than You Think You Are” Sticker Graphic Wall Art




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365 Ways to Ignite the Spark Kit

Let’s just all come to terms with the fact that marriages aren’t always full of that newlywed spark. As you grow and change together, so does your marriage. Some of the things that come with a mature marriage are even better than being newly married – that ability to know what the other is thinking, to feel perfectly comfortable being exactly who you are – but one of the things that we tend to lose is the spark. Remember that giddy, happy feeling where you just wanted to BE with each other, no matter what you’re doing. For some couples this might last forever, but I think most marriages take some work to make it happen. Since The Dating Divas are so passionate about making marriages work, they created the ultimate resource for any relationship. I cannot even tell you how excited I am about having this in my back pocket. (Okay, it won’t really fit in your back pocket – there are way too many ideas for that!)

Reignite the Spark with:
A List of Romantic Ideas – 365 ‘spark-starters’ to reignite the romance in your relationship.
Monthly & Weekly Love Calendars – To provide an easy reminder and schedule each idea.

Whether you’ve got an amazing marriage or one that needs a little extra loving, these ideas are absolutely fail-proof. Because there are 365 ideas, it’s perfect for a one-a-day scenario but if I’m being totally honest I know that even with these how easy these spark starters are to use, the chaos of my everyday life will get in the way and I’ll miss some days here and there and I’m not going to stress about it. I kind of doubt I’ll miss too many though, because that’s the whole beauty of this pack – it’s completely done for you! I’m always a sucker for anything that helps relieve a bit of my stress while making a huge impact in my life!

Plus, guess what else… the ideas are even organized for me. They’re categorized so I can focus my energy towards actually doing something for my spouse and our marriage instead of searching through ideas to find the ‘perfect’ one. I love that so many of the categories match up with the Five Love Languages, just check them out:
Quick & Easy
Service Ideas
Notes & Words
Intimacy Ideas
Time Together
Love Gifts
Ideas for HER
Ideas for HIM

My plan is to pick a few ideas at the beginning of each week and add them to the Weekly To-Do List that’s also included in the pack. If you’re even more of a planner than I am, you can also do it a month ahead!

It’s the perfect go-to resource for keeping that flame going and all you’ve got to do is grab this pack and print it out to get an entire year of brilliant ideas! A tiny price to invest in your marriage for a whole year!

And don’t forget to sign up for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge!!!!

7 days to a closer, stronger and HOTTER relationship- Are you up for the challenge?


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Year of Dates: Around the World

In our family we are all about some amazing adventures. We love to try new foods and visit new places. If we could, we would spend just about every free moment we had traveling together. But that’s where the problem is… everyday life just gets in the way. School. Work. Bills. We have so many other obligations and fun vacations just aren’t always in the budget. I’ve just discovered the next best thing to actually traveling abroad: A YEAR of Dates that are inspired by fun cultures from all of the world! The Dating Divas have put together a kit of printables so that every month you can choose a new country to “visit” with your spouse without ever having to leave your house!

To help you broaden your horizons and explore the fun of these 12 fantastic countries, all you’ll have to do is print off everything that’s included in the bundle. For EACH country you get:

  • An Invitation
  • Recipe Cards
  • A Date Night Activity
  • A Sexy Bedroom Activity
  • Bonus Ideas to Extend the Fun!

You’ll be visiting places like India, France and Brazil. Get ready for TWELVE exotic “vacations” from the comfort of your own home! This bundle has absolutely everything you need for a full night of fun.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in cultures from all over the globe, you can grab all twelve Around the World Date Nights and have the next year of adventures completely planned out without having to lift a finger – except maybe to click print!



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Great Nature Hike Idеаѕ fоr Kidѕ

Handy Techniques for the Great Outdoors

By Pam Bevins

When I want to do some serious hiking; I mean pushing myself to go at a faster pace, scrambling up mountainsides, down & back up over rolling hills, climbing over & navigating around fallen trees, taking another step every time my leg muscles scream for me to stop; I make sure I’m not taking young children along with me. There’s hiking and then there’s hiking. Most of you who enjoy a rigorous pace of hiking & backpacking know what I mean. But there’s another side to hiking, a side which though is a bit more laid back, can be fun & fulfilling just the same. It’s hiking with children. This article is meant to give just some pointers on hiking with children, and doesn’t cover every important aspect of this enjoyable activity. These are just some suggestions when bringing children out for a day hike.

Before going out, make sure you check the weather report & plan for the temperature. If it’s a bit chilly out, make sure that each child is dressed accordingly. Wearing several layers, hats & gloves if needed, will help them enjoy it more if they’re warm enough.

Look at a map to determine a loop hike to take, or choose a simple there-and-back route.

Bring plenty of water & snacks. Nothing kills a good time or activity like a hungry, growling stomach.

Let the age level of the children dictate the terrain you’ll be hiking. Be sure to have some ups & downs, but nothing to strenuous. Most children love a challenge, at least to a certain degree, and a hill with some rocks & trees to grab hold of as they climb upwards can be fun. It’s been my experience that some children enjoy the climbs the best, while some others love going downhill.

Have a destination in mind, as well as a half-way point. Children are goal-oriented, believe it or not, and look forward to reaching an appointed objective or destination. Set a time when you want to stop for an extended rest. This can be for a picnic or just hanging out & taking some pictures of everyone. Bring a favorite food or beverage of theirs that can only be had upon reaching the mid-point. Once the half-way point is reached, a feeling of satisfaction will fill their hearts as food fills their bellies. After a rest, the next goal will be to get back.

If possible, have the children bring along a friend. Of course the number of friends is optional and, depending on how many are going, you may not want each child to bring a friend. This can cause the group to grow to be too large to control.

If available, bring a map of the area you’re hiking, and refer to it from time to time. Maps have always interested me, and although they may not understand every aspect of the map, it’s a good introduction for them to learning to read a map. Looking at a map and understanding where you are in relation to the grid gives an altogether different perspective to the hike.

If you or another adult knows anything about plants & trees or animals & their markings, make a point of sharing this knowledge with the children. Ask them what they know about these things, as children always enjoy being asked to share what they know with adults.

Teach children to be  aware of their surroundings. Tell them to be observant of the landscape around them, natural landmarks & the trail conditions as well. These are skills that if learned & practiced will follow them all their lives, even influencing them in more far-reaching areas.

finally, have an end goal in mind. Take them all out to dinner at their favorite restaurant or for ice cream. Associate other enjoyable activities with hiking.

This has been just a brief collection of suggestions when it comes to bringing children hiking. We all know that children are the future, the future of everything! One step in making sure that our trails of today are secure & protected for the future is by teaching children the importance of those trails & in being outdoors. Children must learn the importance of nature. Get out & hike, but next time, bring along some children.